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Monica Peters

  • Escrow.com with Milestone payments used for most projects
  • InfoGraphic of Mobile App Project Timeline
  • 4+ years developing mobile apps. (native objc & java).
  • 17+ years developing websites & web apps.
  • 15+ years Agile, Extreme, & Waterfall SDLC
  • 15+ years corporate, start up, & entrepreneur experience.
  • 4+ years developing web & hybrid mobile apps (html5,css3,js, phonegap,cordova,sencha...)
  • Monica's Blog
  • kind words from my clients and peers
  • Dual Citizenship: USA, Canada.
  • Happy to travel as needed.
  • Happy to work on-site or remotely as needed.
  • Happy to relocate to join awesome team that can benefit from my skills.
  • Prefers climates warmer & sunnier than upstate New York.
  • Lifelong learner focused on mobile technologies, big data, and internet of things.

I've worked for corporations and startups in the USA, Canada, and world-wide as a tech consultant, developer, designer, writer, and trainer. Connect with me on LinkedIn to see what my clients and software developer peers have to say about working with me.

I'm comfortable jumping in and working on what ever is needed when it's needed. Of course I really enjoy working with a team where we each focus on our own areas of expertise the most. I am experienced and able to develop software, research & develop project plans, project quotes, work schedules, pricing options, mobile app design documentation, mobile app development milestone documents, competitive analysis, target audience & market analysis, usability testing plans & results, building a team, providing technical training, and various options customized to unique project requirements to help our entire team achieve the best return on investment possible.

I've used most software for developing, designing, project management, and consulting at one time or another. I've worked with teams following Agile, Extreme, Test Driven Development, Napkin Driven Development, and Waterfall SDLC methods with Scrum meetings.

I work with the following on a regular basis: cli, git, github, xcode, eclipse, android studio, itunes connect publishing, google play store publishing, amazon app store publishing, sublime text edit, dreamweaver, ruby on rails, mamp, php, mysql, postgresql, sqlite, mongo db, cassandra, wordpress plugins, core data, uikit, mapkit, eventkit, apis: fb, li, twitter, stripe, paypal, ...


    OjbC, Java, XCode, Eclipse 90%

    HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, JQuery Mobile 80%

    Mobile App Developer 9%

    Tech Trainer, Public Speaker, WorkShop Facilitator 85%

    Tech Writer, Tech Researcher 90%

    Agile, Extreme, TDD, NDD SDLC 98%

    Tech Consulting (Web, App, Internet Business) 75%

    Video Reviews, Tutorials, Blog 45%

    UI UX Design 70%

    Remote Team Management 90%

    Internet Marketing & Advertising 60%



Full Sail Course Director Award: Mobile Dev. Frameworks

I was honored to receive this award as a result of my Mobile Development Frameworks work.

Full Sail Course Director Award: Technical Writing

I was honored to receive this award as a result of my Technical Writing work.

“Science & Technology", National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation

I was honored to receive this award and recognition for my work developing endangered language translating chatbots during a nationally televised show hosted by Adam Beach.

“Most Knowledgeable ChatBot", ChatterBoxChallenge.com

I competed with about 80 competitors (some teams) in a technology competition with my first endangered language translating chatbot and was honored with the awesome Bronze Medal.


2012 - now
Mobile Software Consultant & Developer

I provide technical consulting and project planning for mobile app business ideas to help discover if and how the idea will bring the highest Return on Investment. I create design documents, milestone documents, internet marketing plans, project schedules, project budgets, and contracts. I also build the team and bring in the technical resources required to meet the project goals and successful completion. I develop, design, document, mentor, train, and manage the mobile software projects. I also create the advertising and marketing content as needed before I complete the mobile app publishing process for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. I also plan, document, and deploy Usability testing, alpha testing, and beta testing of the mobile apps. Sometimes I design the graphics as needed, but usually work with graphic designers.

2006 - 2012
C.T.O. & Web Developer, SeawayWebSites.com

I researched, planned, & documented all business plans, marketing plans, and product design for the target customer. I conducted technical training workshops and provided website services for the target customer.

1996 - Present
Website Developer & Consultant

I provide technical consulting, technical training, project planning, price quotes, website design, website development and various website services for corporate clients and small startup clients in the USA, Canada, and World wide. I hand code custom solutions, install open-source solutions, install commercial solutions, and integrate all three as needed for ECommerce, CMS, CRM, and various other business goals. While working, I typically use Sublime Text, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Illustrator, GitHub, various SVN clients, Command Line Interface, FTP, Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Video Conferancing, Doc Sharing, Collaborative Text Editors, Console Log, HTML & JS Lint, Zend, CakePhp, Heroku, DreamHost, and many others while either working solo or working with a team. Each solution I provide depends on the team resources, current knowledge & abilities, budget, time line, and various elements that may be unique to the project.

Mid Level PHP Engineer

I worked with two Senior PHP Engineers and two Junior PHP Engineers. Most days I received technical feature requests from a team of 200 Web Designers, then I created the PHP classes and integrated them into the old legacy code base (php, sql, capistrano). We had a local dev environment and a remote testing dev environment where all engineers work merged. A Senior Engineer would push my code from the remote test dev site, over into the live website. I was fortunate to learn from the Senior Engineers while solidifying my knowledge by mentoring the Junior Engineers. Our team also enjoyed friendly coding competitions.



Monica Peters
Mobile Software Developer, Consultant, Technical Writer, & Technical Trainer

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